Issue Four

The Women and Power Issue
March/April 2014

Over a century since suffragettes campaigned for votes for women in the UK, less than a quarter of our MPs are women. In all areas of our legislature, we fall far short of our neighbours in Europe and in many developing countries in having gender parity.

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March this month’s issue is on the theme of Women and Power. In a series of hard hitting articles we hear how women across the world are struggling to secure political power and the means to achieve equality for us all.

Read these remarkable truths here…

Issue Five

The theme for the upcoming May issue is environment. From the direct actions of a Greenpeace activist to the challenges of sustainable farming we consider green issues from a woman’s perspective. But we also look at our wider environment – how women occupy our public realm and their impact on the online environment, like Clare Wise and her inspiring blog.