I remember for years being told I had to do 30 minutes of cardio (getting puffy) exercise every day, lift some weights a few times a week, get tummy trim and butt shiny, and to be honest even now I follow that rule, from top to toe.  BUT no-one told me to get mentally fit […]

I am thrilled to be sharing my monthly blog LIVING YOUR FRESH LIFE with Her Edit Magazine. As a keynote speaker, author and CEO of The Works Company, I understand the conflicting pressures on women’s lives. It’s important to support each other and share tips to achieve life balance and maintain mental wellbeing. I would […]

I like to think I am a fairly adventurous person, open to new things and adaptable to change, but this week I’ve been uncharacteristically nostalgic. I have been drinking in Soho for over a quarter of a century. In my final year at art college, I was desperately in love with an artist, just a […]

Girl guiding has taken a leap into the future with its newly announced Free Being Me badge – seeking to change the ways that teenage girls view their bodies and boost self-esteem by combating the intense pressure girls are under to look a certain way. Describing itself as the ‘ultimate feminist organisation’ the charity has […]