To celebrate International Indigenous People’s Day, our guest blogger, Christina Coolidge, writes about her research into what the attitude of indigenous people is to voting in the Canadian elections. Christina is completing her undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. As an Indigenous Program Researcher she aims to build a bridge between Native […]

Before we get too embroiled in the serious and sobering stuff of women’s suffrage and gender politics, the theme for our March issue, already underway with our #power4women tweets, I thought I would share some of my food anecdotes. Yes, women were always the food role models at home; thank goodness a trend reversed in […]

The interview with Bryony (Her Edit, First Edition) on what makes a good role model for girls today got me thinking. At this stage in life, I find myself looking for inspiration rather than role models. So who are the legendary women that can inspire us and what can they teach us about how we can […]