I like to think I am a fairly adventurous person, open to new things and adaptable to change, but this week I’ve been uncharacteristically nostalgic. I have been drinking in Soho for over a quarter of a century. In my final year at art college, I was desperately in love with an artist, just a […]

Juliet Davenport is the founder and Chief Executive of leading renewable energy company, Good Energy. Good Energy is at the Hay Festival this week leading the debate on climate change. You can join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #HayGoodEnergy   I’m often asked what started me on my Good Energy journey. There’s no […]

The Japanese have a unique approach to the changing seasons. A visit there a few years ago completely changed my view of how to appreciate the environment around us, reawakening my love of the changes that come with the seasons, and heightening my awareness of the beauty of those first simple blossoms that herald the […]