Before we get too embroiled in the serious and sobering stuff of women’s suffrage and gender politics, the theme for our March issue, already underway with our #power4women tweets, I thought I would share some of my food anecdotes. Yes, women were always the food role models at home; thank goodness a trend reversed in […]

For the theme of our fourth issue we’ve chosen ‘women and political power’ to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March. From casting your vote to influencing the legislation which shapes women’s lives, participation in the democratic process is a fundamental right, but in many countries – including the UK – women do not have […]

Doug, I couldn’t agree more. It is indeed ludicrous – shameful even – that one of the world’s most powerful nations, fails to even meet the average on key indicators of gender power parity (of course, former Tory minister Douglas Hurd thinks there’s ‘too much’ feminism being bandied about – a position entirely contrary to my […]