Her Edit Issue Six

July/August 2014

The World Cup, Wimbledon and the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. This year may be a summer of sport, but turn to the sports pages of your newspaper and where are the women?

In Issue six we are celebrating women in sport and looking at the barriers to participation and the lack of parity in recognition of women’s achievements. If you think you have no interest in sport, then do read on…



  1. desmond benjamin says:

    OK the world cup is what says on the tin.But when the England Ladies, are on the verge of reaching the women’s, world cup. I only found out about this on the FA web site,not much if any coverage in newspaper’s,were is the parity in that.

  2. Sam Orde says:

    Love your article on Sophie Christiansen who is an inspiration to many from young disabled riders, to those of us who are just wowed by her achievements and the time she takes to support others in RDA.

    Great picture and article on largest salmon caught!

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