Gallery director, Liz Honey, has drawn together a diverse collection of artists for the latest exhibition at her gallery, Saffron, in the East Sussex town of Battle. The exhibition’s title, Here Come the Girls!, gives away the common link between them – they are all women and Honey launched the show last Sunday to mark […]

The intensely physical draughtsmanship, erotic subject matter and tragically short life of Viennese artist Egon Schiele have combined to make him a perennial favourite of art students. Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude at the Courtauld Gallery in London casts an intellectually robust eye over a substantial collection of his drawings and watercolours of nudes tracing […]

To celebrate International Indigenous People’s Day, our guest blogger, Christina Coolidge, writes about her research into what the attitude of indigenous people is to voting in the Canadian elections. Christina is completing her undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. As an Indigenous Program Researcher she aims to build a bridge between Native […]

In the March issue of Her Edit, we looked at the political landscape internationally and the extent to which women have parity in the political process. Here, Linda Schinagl, aged 29, gives her personal perspective.  She is a mother of two and lives in Leipzig. I always go to elections because I see it as […]