I am thrilled to be sharing my monthly blog LIVING YOUR FRESH LIFE with Her Edit Magazine. As a keynote speaker, author and CEO of The Works Company, I understand the conflicting pressures on women’s lives. It’s important to support each other and share tips to achieve life balance and maintain mental wellbeing. I would […]

I like to think I am a fairly adventurous person, open to new things and adaptable to change, but this week I’ve been uncharacteristically nostalgic. I have been drinking in Soho for over a quarter of a century. In my final year at art college, I was desperately in love with an artist, just a […]

Girl guiding has taken a leap into the future with its newly announced Free Being Me badge – seeking to change the ways that teenage girls view their bodies and boost self-esteem by combating the intense pressure girls are under to look a certain way. Describing itself as the ‘ultimate feminist organisation’ the charity has […]

Chocolate cake, ice cream, chicken soup… There is an endless list of comfort foods that we turn to when feeling glum or low. But why are they so important to us? Comfort foods are foods that make us feel happy psychologically rather than physiologically (although they may do both) and research indicates that the foods […]