There is something intoxicating about a country where its people are as bright as the colours it is associated with. Since my trip to Ghana, Africa earlier this summer I have realised there is no mystery as to why we associate Africa as being such a colourful continent. ‘TIA bruh,’ people would say- ‘This is […]

To celebrate International Indigenous People’s Day, our guest blogger, Christina Coolidge, writes about her research into what the attitude of indigenous people is to voting in the Canadian elections. Christina is completing her undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. As an Indigenous Program Researcher she aims to build a bridge between Native […]

Juliet Davenport is the founder and Chief Executive of leading renewable energy company, Good Energy. Good Energy is at the Hay Festival this week leading the debate on climate change. You can join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #HayGoodEnergy   I’m often asked what started me on my Good Energy journey. There’s no […]