The Japanese have a unique approach to the changing seasons. A visit there a few years ago completely changed my view of how to appreciate the environment around us, reawakening my love of the changes that come with the seasons, and heightening my awareness of the beauty of those first simple blossoms that herald the […]

Girl guiding has taken a leap into the future with its newly announced Free Being Me badge – seeking to change the ways that teenage girls view their bodies and boost self-esteem by combating the intense pressure girls are under to look a certain way. Describing itself as the ‘ultimate feminist organisation’ the charity has […]

Chocolate cake, ice cream, chicken soup… There is an endless list of comfort foods that we turn to when feeling glum or low. But why are they so important to us? Comfort foods are foods that make us feel happy psychologically rather than physiologically (although they may do both) and research indicates that the foods […]

I recently returned from a cycling holiday to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Incredible trip. Cycling allowed us to experience first-hand the beauty of Central America, its lush rainforests, smoking volcanoes and outstanding wildlife. Whilst there though, I was struck by the differences in the lives of the women from each of the three countries, given that […]

The interview with Bryony (Her Edit, First Edition) on what makes a good role model for girls today got me thinking. At this stage in life, I find myself looking for inspiration rather than role models. So who are the legendary women that can inspire us and what can they teach us about how we can […]