Her Edit is born out of the frustration of four women who could find nothing on the newsagent’s shelf that reflected anything about their lives and experience. Tired of the usual pap which claims to serve the interests of women, we have aimed to create a publication which will inform, engage and stimulate debate with insight and humour.

Each issue of Her Edit will be based on a theme and for our first we chose Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales. We hope these articles by very different authors will challenge some of the assumptions and paradigms about women, both real and imagined, which have shaped the archetypes which pervade our culture and effect all women’s lives.

Her Edit is not a consumer magazine. We will not feature advertising or products which we believe endorses negative perceptions of women. This is not a fashion or a beauty magazine and you will find no advice on men or relationships here.

Our ‘cover girls’ are scientists, politicians, writers, artists, activists, historians and campaigners. We want to celebrate what women have achieved, meaningfully explore how we live now and inspire generations for the future.

If you would like to receive further issues of Her Edit in your email box every two months, then don’t forget to subscribe. There is no subscription fee. We want to create a community of women to impact on the issues which affect us now and build a different future for generations to come.

We have no financial backers, no funding and, to cite a cliche, are very much doing this for ourselves, so if you would like to contribute an article or share some expertise, please drop me a line at editor@heredit.com.

Jayne Phenton